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Lan Peng basketball team play Chaoyang lawyer basketball game


Take off the suit tie, put on jersey shoes, they are still free and easy handsome, running on the pitch, with the tacit understanding.

They try their best not to miss any chance of scoring, opponents scoring also give applause, the real friendship played the first, the spirit of competition second, match the style, match the level.

Unity and fraternity, concerted efforts, sharing weal and woe, which is really the spirit of sports competition to be carried forward, it is the law always followed by BluePeng tradition.

Blue Peng players all sent out, gearing up, Dragon Tigers.

(The photo shows Zhang Huai lawyer's guide competition)

Under the leadership of Zhang Qihuai, everyone has not only become a good lawyer, but also become an outstanding basketball fighter on the basketball court, exuding vitality and passion, sweat and strength, you are a real heroic team, you guys Is the pride of Lanpeng.

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