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Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is one of Lanpeng’s most competitive practice areas. Lanpeng has singled out a criminal defense practice from litigation and arbitration practice to fulfill its strategic goal of standardization, scale, specialization and brand building. It now boasts a defense team devoted specifically to corporate crimes. All of Lanpeng’s criminal defense attorneys are veterans of corporate laws and criminal laws, most of whom obtained Master of Law degrees or beyond in the Science of Criminal Law or Criminal Procedural Law from China’s top law schools. The solid professional and theoretical knowledge they’ve acquired, combined with rich hands-on experience in state organs such as public security departments, procuratorates and courts, give them a competitive edge in handling all sorts of important, difficult and intricate corporate criminal cases.

Key services in this area include:

l  Representing clients in reporting and filing charges against criminal action

l  Offering counsel for criminal suspects pending investigation

l  Acting as defense attorneys for suspects pending review and prosecution, for defendants in trials and appellants 

l  Representing the aggrieved party in criminal proceedings and incidental civil actions

l  Representing parties involved in filing criminal complaints and other related legal matters

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