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Overseas Investment

With the implementation of China’s “going-out” strategy, there has been a substantial increase in the scope and number of outbound investment deals from PRC enterprises. Lanpeng has proactively adjusted itself to this trend by launching offices in a number of foreign countries and forming strategic partnerships with foreign firms. These, compounded with its friendly relations with national and local governments of foreign countries as well as decades of experience, have put Lanpeng in a favorable position to serve PRC clients on outbound investment with the best possible solutions and internationalized counsel. Lanpeng has successfully advised a large number of domestic clients on the selection of offshore resources, technology, brands and markets where their investment would be most effectively used. 

Key services in this area include: 

l  Legal environment and risk analysis of investment destinations

l  Due diligence for outbound investment projects

l  Deal structuring design

l  Drafting and review of deal-related documents

l  Legal support for business negotiations

l  Assisting in administrative approval, filing and registration

l  Coordinating with overseas local intermediaries 

l  Assisting in financing for outbound M&A projects

l  Offering legal opinion on key issues

l  Post-merger compliance and management support

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