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Zhang Qihuai, LL.M. Arbitrator of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, Arbitrator of Beijing Arbitration Commission, Arbitrator of Wuhan Arbitration Commission, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Mediator of China Chamber of International Commerce and Conciliation Center of China International Chamber of Commerce, Member of China Chapter of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Chinese National Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, expert on the Internet Dispute Resolution Center of the International Arbitration Commission, expert on legal aid center of the All-China Women's Federation, researcher of the Research Center for Aviation and Space Law of China University of Political Science and Law, visiting law professor of the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China, visiting law professor of the Air Force Logistics Institute , Visiting professor of South China University, executive director of China Criminology Research Association, member of Chinese Law Society, legislative consultant of Beijing Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, director of Aviation Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association, guest commentator of Legal and Economic Magazine, Network commentators, legal and social correspondent, legal network legal adviser, China's top ten lawyers, the first aviation lawyer, lawyer Lan Peng law firm.

Over the years, Zhang Qihuai has authored a large number of academic articles and published and won awards in publications at home and abroad such as "Political and Legal Forum," "Jurisprudence Journal," "Prosecutor's Daily," "Legal Daily," and "Legal Evening News." In 2003, Research Society 10 years research achievement award. In September 2004, he was invited to attend the 22nd Cambridge International Symposium on Anti-Economic Crimes and published a paper entitled "The Status Quo, Causes and Countermeasures of Using Offshore Companies to Launch Money Laundering". At the University of Pennsylvania in August 2005, he attended "The 14th World Criminology Conference "and delivered a keynote speech entitled" On Legal Improvement of China's Anti-money Laundering Crime ", arousing strong repercussions. February 2006 won the "China Lawyers Billboard" Top Ten Lawyers Award. In February 2007, Zhang Qihuai accepted an interview with the "People" section of CCTV on many cases of aviation represented by the agency and also repeatedly accepted typical cases of CCTV, Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Gansu TV Station, Central People's Broadcasting Station Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, People's Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, Legal Daily, Legal Evening News and other media as interviews with many media such as "Focus Interview," "Oriental Time and Space," "Today's Comment," "Legal Online," and " Law Enforcement Lecture, Law Help Lecture, Law Helpline, and Social and Legal Channel, participated in the reviews as legal experts in the multi-period program. Hailed as the first aviation lawyer, international barrister, the famous lawyer and the national recognition of the national advanced military lawyer, outstanding lawyer in Beijing, Beijing City Bar Association outstanding professional committee honorary title.

Over the years Zhang Huai lawyer represented a large number of domestic and foreign arbitration and litigation cases both inside and outside the military. Acting on the aviation cases are: China's first "Adidas Airlines" Figure 154 aircraft smuggling case; ZTE Corporation and Russia aircraft engine purchase and sale contract dispute; "7.31" Nanjing crashed the case of the accident; the world's first case of water caused by the lake Pollution "11.21" Baotou crash third party property loss claims; "5.25" Dunhuang juvenile crash compensation case; "11.11" Kunming juvenile crash personal injury compensation case; was named the 2006 Top Ten influential litigation cases Gansu Jiayuguan airport girl was denied boarding amputation claims; Busan personal accident compensation case; China's first case of "aviation blacklist" - Fan after the military suing Xiamen Airlines infringement case; Xiamen Airlines stop the aircraft chief Gong Hao seek Civil Aviation Authority and East China Board of Directors administrative omission case; China United Airlines and Beijing Film Academy teacher compensation disputes; Shenzhen Airlines Co., Ltd. air cargo contract dispute case; Guangdong 100 Yi Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. and China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. disputes; Shanghai East Yue International Freight Co. air cargo contract dispute case; Indonesia crash compensation case Inquiries; Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xinhua Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, China Postal Airlines Cargo and many other captains, pilots, flight attendants and other labor dispute compensation case, in which the agent of the Air China pilots resign dispute Compensation case created a precedent for domestic pilots to resign and pay zero.

Acting on the intellectual property cases are: the list of the top ten cases of intellectual property rights typical case of "Little Sheep" trademark dispute; "Yulin string of incense" trademark infringement case; Shan Lana "trademark infringement case;" secret plane leader "copyright infringement Case; copyright infringement case of software copyright by the United States Odima, case of commercial secret infringement; DYNATRAN.INC infringement case in the United States; diving queen Gao Min copyright and reputation infringement case; famous fairy tale writer Yang Hongying case of reputation infringement case; famous screenwriter Youjiang case copyright infringement case; Beijing Opera "Shajiabang" copyright infringement case; drama "Qiao Family Courtyard", "Mulberry Bay girl", "urban love", "beautiful fields" copyright infringement case.

In addition, he also acted as agent for the dispute over contract disputes involving more than ten million yuan in the first phase of the Shanghai Sub-council; the case of the "Super Mario" combination of police as the defendant; the case of the owner of Suzhou Jiahu Pavilion; the dispute over the cooperation contract of AEE Company in Germany; Seven consecutive championships "Zhang Ping and Sanitary Sports Equipment Group contract dispute case; since the founding of Liaoning Panjin five hundred million yuan rare fund-raising fraud; Yuanhua Group smuggling case; Harbin extra-large gang drug trafficking case (the case of drugs up to 100 Ton, involving 70 people), etc., have achieved good litigation and enforcement effect.For Jilin Province snow sports management center director Wang XX suspected embezzlement case; still XX suspected of posing as police robbery and other criminal cases innocent Defending and deliberately murdering Donglu Street on Drum Tower defended him plainly. The courts all adopted the defense opinions of the defenders and sentenced the defendant to innocence or imprisonment for 15 years.

Zhang Qihuai lawyer as arbitrator, ruled Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wanheng Shengye Electronic Information Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. contract dispute; Sichuan Expressway Construction and Development Corporation and East Wo Infrastructure Investment (China) Co., Ltd. Sino-foreign cooperative operation The case of dispute over the supply chain of Chengle Expressway; the dispute over the supply agreement between Easy Global (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Schlumberger Electronic Systems Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Star Wang Import and Export Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Star Wang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. and Tianneng Metal Co., Ltd. contract disputes; Shenzhen Hui Tong Computer Co., Ltd. and Campbell Electronics Co., Ltd. contract dispute case; Beijing Stationery Co., Ltd. and Liao International Group Co., Ltd. joint venture contract dispute case; Yubao Engineering Co., Ltd. and Nanjing International Hotel Co., Ltd. arrears project disputes, etc., are subject to both parties won.

Zhang Huai represented non-litigation business: Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Beijing John Wang Foundation Real Estate Development Napa Valley real estate mortgage program, PROGRESS UNIVERSE LTD and China to set up digital pay-TV channel project, Shenyang Tonglian Group Co., Ltd. acquisition, merger, restructuring Yueyangzhong Xiangkang Shen Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. project, Beijing Longji Weiye Investment Management Co., Ltd. acquired, reorganized and replaced Jilin Energy Transportation Corporation project, and Germany and Austria invested in developing, manufacturing and manufacturing diabetes medicine projects in China.

Zhang Qihuai also served as the United States Golden Gulf International Group, the United States Odima, Dynatran, Inc, Spackman Group Ltd., Linkton Holding Inc. Hong Kong Wanbao International Group, Hong Kong Hong Di Applied Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Commercial Firm Limited, Lee House Property Management Ltd., Oriental Bentley Cultural Development Center, the era of the International Record Co., Ltd., Beijing Flowers Blossom Film Co., Ltd., the United States and the United States (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Connaught (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., China Blue Sky Corporation, China Airport Construction Corporation, China United Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Spring Airlines, Beijing Wuping Aviation Service Center, Red Bull Vitamin Drink Co., Ltd., Beijing Huatong Market Information Co., Ltd., Beijing Tenika Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Beijing Dacheng Hotel Co., Ltd., Ya'an China Bamboo Paper Co., Ltd., Xiamen South Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tianhe, Wuhan Blue Sky, Chongqing Blue Arrow, Shanghai Little Swan Hotel, John Hong Foundation, Hong Kong Compal, Japan Kang Hong Real Estate Development Co., East Yue International cargo Co., Ltd., Beijing Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank Beijing Branch, Southern Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch, China International Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd., Tiantong Communication Network Co., Ltd., Air Force Logistics Department, Enterprises and institutions perennial legal counsel, and maintain a stable relationship of cooperation.

Honest, serious work, work hard, vigorous and resolute Zhang Zhang Huai lawyers personality charisma and consistent style.

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