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Brief Introduction


After years of development, Lanpeng Law Firm has gradually formed litigation, non-litigation and arbitration businesses, and has a comprehensive partnership law firm with first-class legal service professionals and a wealth of expert consultants.

Our main business is: aviation law, intellectual property, international trade, criminal defense, labor dispute. It also has construction real estate affairs department, finance, securities and insurance affairs department, corporate legal affairs department, intellectual property affairs department, criminal legal affairs department, foreign investment projects and arbitration affairs department, maritime maritime affairs department, traffic legal affairs department, Aviation legal affairs department, comprehensive legal affairs department and so on. All departments are responsible by senior lawyers in this field, and realize specialized services through specialized division of labor.

Our lawyers have profound professional knowledge, good professional ethics, rich practice experience and high working efficiency. Most of them have graduated from famous institutions of higher learning at home and abroad. Most of them have the qualifications of securities law, business agent, trademark agent Qualification, certified public accountant qualification and real estate appraiser qualifications, to meet the different needs of customers, to provide professional, authoritative, practical, convenient, high quality and efficient all-round international legal services. In the meantime, we also employ well-known experts and scholars from all walks of life both at home and abroad as consultants to ensure professional and authoritativeness in cases involving various fields and to cooperate with the judiciary, the media, the executive and the Chinese law Society, China Institute of Criminology maintained a good relationship of cooperation.

In order to provide quality and efficient legal services to domestic and foreign clients, we aim to uphold the rule of law and justice and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of litigants. We have established over a dozen outlets in Asia, Europe and the United States on three continents, Nine countries and regions, law firms, legal services, consulting firms established a wide range of cooperative relations, and fully realize the sharing of resources.

Seeking and safeguarding the rights and interests of our clients is our aim in the course of practicing. Our lawyers are dedicated and sincere and have won high praises from our customers and peers.

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