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Foreign customers

· United States Golden Bay International Group

· Ao Di Ma company

· Dynatran, Inc, Spackman Group Ltd.

· Linkton Holding Inc.

· Hong Kong Wanbao International Group

· Hong Hong Hong Di Applied Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

· Hong Kong Commercial Bank Limited

· Lee Property Management Limited

· Japan Kang Hong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

· Hong Kong Fort

· Germany AEE company

· US Minerals and Metals Ltd.

· New Guinea Schindler Development Consultants Ltd.

· China Securities Technology Development Co., Ltd.

· Film and Television media clients

· Oriental Bentley Cultural Development Center

· International Record Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Flowers Blossom Film Co., Ltd.

· Connaught (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Chu Xin Xin Media Advertising Co., Ltd.

· Hua Han International Culture Development Corporation

· Beijing Creative Advertising Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Hua Mai Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

· China-Germany (Beijing) International Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Beijing as the third Advertising Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Bank Advertising Co., Ltd.

· Beijing You Sai Global Culture and Arts Co., Ltd.

· Dongyang Yousesai Media Co., Ltd.

· Chia Tai International Music Production Center

· Beijing Golden Ocean Business Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Guangcai Tiancheng Advertising Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Jia Shi Media Group

· Saturday and Sunday Touch

Beijing customer

· Beijing Guoan off-road football club

· Beijing Hua Tongren Market Information Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Tenika Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Dacheng Hotel Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Minsheng Bank

· Beijing Merchants Bank

· Southern Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch

· China International Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd.

· Teotong Communication Network Co., Ltd.

· Air Force Logistics Department

· 51 General Staff

· People's Liberation Army Logistics Command College

· Empty political organization

· Beijing John Hong Foundation Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Longji Albert CHAN Investment Management Co., Ltd.

· Red Bull Vitamin Drink Limited

· Beijing love pet Information Technology Co., Ltd. home

· China Minmetals Corporation

· Beijing Jing Feng Li Jia Properties Limited

· Wittis (Beijing) Bed Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Huaming Investment Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Sauna Fitness Club limited liability company

· Beijing handsome Technology Training Co., Ltd. first

· Beijing Jia Yun Hengtong Business Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Urban and Rural Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Sauna Fitness Club limited liability company

· Beijing Weidun Technology & Trade Co., Ltd.

· Raytheon Auto Parts (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Guangcai Transport Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Changshengyuan Lightweight Building Materials Co., Ltd.

· Beijing to build real estate development company

· Beijing Xuehui Technology Industry and Trade Company Jiugai Jia roast duck shop

· Beijing North Asia Industrial Technology Development Group

· Beijing Vesta Alpha International Trade Co., Ltd.

· CCCC Water Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Communication Services

· Beijing DICO trade limited liability company

· Beijing Sino-Australian Joint Mining Technology Development Co., Ltd.

· Beijing O-Chi Intelligent Fire Safety Engineering Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Chaoyang District, Eaton bilingual kindergarten

· Beijing Zoomlion Technology Development Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Urban Construction Vocational and Technical School

· Beijing Kai Tak Art Society

· Beijing Wei Di Kang Tai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

· Fu Taige (Beijing) Software Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Auto Information Technology Co., Ltd. Asia

· Wide (Beijing) Information Co., Ltd.

· Beijing commitment Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.

· China Huadian Group Advanced Training Center

· Beijing Friendship Packaging and Transportation Company

· Beijing to build real estate development company

· Beijing and Zhu Ronghua Investment Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Urban Construction Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. three

· Beijing Tetra Pak Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Asia macro real estate development limited liability company

· Beijing Zoomlion Information System Services Co., Ltd.

· Beijing live total real estate development limited liability company

· Beijing Jinghai Sports Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Yong City Stationery Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Ao Ao Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Huangcheng 菀 Sports Fitness Club Ltd.

· Beijing Bowen Jiale Trading Company

· Beijing Hong Yu Ming Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Chuangdao Transtech Services Limited adiabatic material

· Beijing Great Wall Plastic Reinforcements Welfare Factory

· Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

· Canadian Topois Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office

· Beijing Ke Shui Property Management Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Haoyuan Tongchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Zoomlion Information System Services Co., Ltd.

· Unicom Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Sheng Cheng Gongcheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Zoomlion Information System Services Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Zhongliang Refrigeration Equipment Installation Co., Ltd.

· Sennheiser Electronics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

· Beijing etiquette college

· Beijing Forte Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Tongzhou Songzhuang construction company

· Beijing Tak crown Huazhou Science and Technology Development Center

· Beijing Zhonglian Coal Sales Co., Ltd.

· Beijing No.1 Social Welfare Institute

Aerospace freight customers

· China United Airlines

· Shenzhen Airlines

· Spring Airlines

· Hong Kong Airlines

· Beijing Wanping Aviation Service Center

· China National Aviation Construction Corporation

· China Blue Sky Corporation

· China Aviation Harbor Construction Corporation thirteenth engineering branch

· Beijing Star Aviation Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Factory

· Beijing Sai Fu International Freight Forwarders

· Beijing Peng Chun aviation service company

· Beijing SF Express Limited

· Beijing first-generation International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. anxious

· Beijing Kai Tour Air Service Co., Ltd.

· Beijing Aerospace Kane Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

· Yunnan Yingan General Aviation Co., Ltd.

· One too off business aviation limited company

Foreign customers


· Shanghai East Wyatt International Freight Co., Ltd.

· Ya'an Zhongzhu Paper Co., Ltd.

· Shanghai Little Swan Hotel

· Shenyang Tonglian Group Co., Ltd.

· Guangzhou Tianhe Hotel

· Blue sky hotel in Wuhan

· Chongqing Blue Arrow Hotel

· Shanghai Tianyi Hotel

· Kaiping new Tengda gift sales center

· Yong Ying Hui Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

· Meishan Tongneng Road Co., Ltd.

· Shanghai Rio New Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

· Suzhou Industrial Park Jiahu Pavilion owners committee

· Suzhou Industrial Park Sheng Kun Silk Products Co., Ltd.

· Tianjin Li Bao Coal Sales Co., Ltd.

· Xiamen South Investment Co., Ltd.

· Shenzhen Tenglong Zhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

· Chengdu West Elevator Co., Ltd.

· Suzhou Ramada Aluminum Co., Ltd.

· Xinjiang Dushanzi Tianli High-tech Co., Ltd.

· Bakersfield (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd.

· Baotou Nanhai Park Management Office

· Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Harbin City Acheng District Committee

· Air Force Wuhan Blue Sky Guest House

· Henan Longjie Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

· Xiamen Rui Quan Fa Engineering Co., Ltd.

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