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Military priority, there is law to follow


Recently, the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Central Military Commission Logistics and Logistics Department jointly issued the Notice on Printing and Issuing the "Priority Route Implementation Plan for Military Servicemen at Civil Aviation Airport", requiring that 81 civil aviation airports across the country should open "military service according to law prior to July 1" aisle. According to this circular, a few days ago, Civil Aviation Airport set up the "Soldier Priority" warning sign at check-in, security check-in and other links to provide priority service to military personnel. This convenient service for military personnel is a new measure to enhance the sense of honor among military personnel, helping officers and men warmheartedly and attracting the masses.

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Floods, fires, earthquakes ... In the face of a cataclysm, camouflage clothing is hope; the vast territory, thousands of miles of borderland, olive green has always been a guarantee. Usually sweating, bloodshed during the war, they have been using youth, blood bear the social responsibility, guarding the peace of the people.

In June this year, Hunan suffered the largest rainfall since its record date. Xiangjiang River water level soared, the situation is grim. Flood rescue, the soldiers in the first line to stick all night, driving assault boats transferred to trapped masses, carrying sandbags to reinforce the dam, running rescue.

In June 2016, when Cheng Junhui, a soldier from the Yunnan Military Region's mine clearance team, demolished a mine fuze along the Sino-Vietnamese border, the mountain collapsed and he gave his life as young as 22 years. His comrades-in-arms, who are still conducting demining tasks, ensure the security of every inch of territory.

Cheng Junhui alive photos

In August 2015, there was a big fire explosion in Tianjin Port. Only when our soldiers retreated from the fire when people were evacuated to a safe place.

There are thousands of soldiers guarding the tranquil night ...

In times of crisis, they are facing difficulties. In a time of peace, they silently guard our peace. You think the years are quiet, but there are people who carry you forward. In both the war years and the peacetime, military personnel must fulfill the vocation of "priority sacrifice" anytime, anywhere and society should respect and honor these lovely people.

Military priority, there is law to follow

The priority of military service is not only the recognition of society, but also the law. From the "National Defense Law," "Military Service Law" to "the special conditions for the service of special care workers," all clearly set out the terms of priority for military personnel:

Article 51, paragraph 2, of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on National Defense", "Enterprises and public institutions shall, in accordance with the provisions of the state, implement the requirements of national defense in transportation construction. The management units of traffic facilities such as stations, ports, airports, roads, And military vehicles, the passage of ships to provide priority services, in accordance with the provisions of preferential treatment. "

Paragraph 4 of Article 57 of the Military Service Law of the People's Republic of China: "Military personnel in active service and disabled soldiers visit prestigious parks, museums, exhibition halls and places of historic interest enjoy preferential treatment. Priority tickets shall be given to passengers traveling on domestic trains, ships, coaches and civil aviation Among them, disabled soldiers enjoy the preferential treatment of reducing the normal fare in accordance with the regulations and take free bus, tram and rail transportation in the city.

Article 36, Paragraph 1 of the Regulations on Pensions and Preferential Treatment for Military Servicemen: "Military personnel in active service shall, with valid certificates and disabled military personnel, preferentially purchase tickets for trains, ships, long-distance buses and civil aviation flights operated by the People's Republic of China on the basis of the" Disabled People's Military Identification Card of the People's Republic of China " ; Disabled soldiers enjoy a 50% discount on normal fares. "

Military priority, the airport in action

At present, all 81 civil airports covered by the Circular have fully implemented this requirement, and we hereby give 81 airports praise!

At present, military personnel enjoy "military service priority" in seeking medical treatment and ticket purchasing and transportation according to law, which is both a social respect for this special occupation and an adequate guarantee provided by law. During the war years, they went to the battlefield and their soldiers were given priority. In times of peace, they were stationed in frontier areas and soldiers were given priority. In earthquake-resistant and flood-fighting areas, the military personnel took the lead in giving priority to military operations. It is the responsibility of military personnel to defend their military personnel from their honor, sacrifices and missions , But also need to be socially understood and respected.

Pay tribute to our most lovely people!


Military and accompanying dependents holding the following documents (including the soldier's own three or less persons) may prioritize check-in at Civil Aviation Airport and give priority to entering security check and boarding priority

Priority object:

"Civil service certificate" "Civil service cadres card" "Compulsory Service" "Civil servant" "Civilian personnel card" "Employee card" "retired cadres honor card" "officer retirement card" "civilian cadre retirement card" and the Chinese People's Armed Police Force " Police Officer Certificate "" Civil Service Officer Certificate "" Compulsory Service "" Sergeant Certificate "" Civilian Credentials "" Staff Certificate "" retired cadres honor card "" police officer retirement card "" civilian cadres retirement card "and the military" student card "

Operating procedures

Check-in session

In the domestic check-in area set up "military priority according to law" counter, the check-in staff in accordance with valid documents in order to check-in procedures, and posted on the boarding pass "military law priority" boarding pass.

2 security links

The priority object may be given a security check by marking the boarding pass of "Military Servicemen Prioritized according to Law" and setting up the security checkpoint, emergency access and other special passenger security checkpoints identified by the "military law priority" guideline, and the security guards perform security check procedures in sequence .

Boarding session

At the gate, there is a guideline of "soldiers should be given priority according to law". When boarding priority passengers in the first class or other priority routes, the staff arranges their boarding flights in sequence by posting the boarding pass marked "Soldiers Priority According to Law".

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