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Chaoyang Female Lawyers Federation & Chain Home Group Real Estate Dispute Seminar


On the afternoon of June 9, 2017, the Symposium on Real Estate Dispute jointly organized by Chaoyang Women's Lawyers Federation and Chain Group Legal Department was held in the conference room of Chain Group headquarters. Zheng Junguo, professor of China University of Political Science and Law, Chen Jianbin, judge of People's Court of Chaoyang District, and representatives and leaders of Chain Group attended the meeting. Attorney Tang Liping, a senior partner of Beijing Lanpeng Law Firm, attended the meeting as the representative of female lawyer.

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The meeting was chaired by staff from Legal Department of Chain Group. Market monitoring experts of Chain Research Institute analyzed the current real estate situation. Representatives of Legal Affairs Department pointed out the difficult problems encountered in actual business in a targeted manner. Ms. Tang Liping shared her professional experience in contracting real estate disputes and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the Legal Department through relevant cases.

Deng Liping lawyer pointed out that in 2017 the Beijing government issued a new deal frequently, the rise and fall of housing prices and the introduction of policies are closely linked to the housing contract disputes will also come and go, in practice, also encountered a lot of complex real estate disputes. For the unforeseen impact of the purchase of the New Deal, the buyer and the seller there is the possibility of default, in which case, we must take full account of the legal basis, comprehensive laws and regulations, court minutes and other relevant regulations, try For the parties to win the best interests they deserve.

After answering the practical questions put forward by the Legal Department of Chain Group, Chen Jianbin, judge of People's Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing, shared several typical cases of real estate disputes. Attorneys and legal representatives respectively expressed their own views, Sexual issues were discussed in detail. The promulgation of the purchase of new Deal on real estate transactions has caused no small impact, how to make the dispute be satisfactorily resolved so as to maintain the stability of the real estate market transactions, but also the real estate brokerage firms, lawyers and judges work together.

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