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Lan Peng Party branch held Li Zhichuan reserve party members to the General Assembly


On June 25, 2015, the party branch of Beijing Lanpeng Law Office held a branch meeting to discuss and approve the matter of going through the amendment of Comrade Li Zhiquan, a pro-party member.

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Liu Suhong, member of the Party Committee and Office of the Party Committee of Chaoyang District Law Association, was invited to come to the guide.

The left is director Liu Suhong

At the meeting, Comrade Li Zhichuan made an application for a positive speech. Wang Zhiwei, the introducer of the party to join the party, and Yang Ding'e made introductions and comments on the performance of the reserve party members. Other Party branch members also made their comments on their merits. Six unidentified Party members submitted written appraisal opinions on Li Zhichuan's correctness as scheduled, and the full vote was passed by Comrade Li Zhichuan on time to become an official member on schedule.

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