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Asset Finance and Leasing

Lanpeng’s attorneys are specialized in banking and finance. They come from diverse professional backgrounds and are equipped with wide-ranging qualifications. Many have experience of working in either national financial institutions and major banks or top international law firms.

Members of our banking and finance team have acted as special legal advisors for many commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions. For these institutions, members provide services including: due diligence investigation, drafting of transaction documents, negotiation, design of guarantee structure, and consultancy on bank compliance. We also provide legal advice to banks on acquisition strategies and reorganization projects. Moreover, our day-to-day business includes preparation of loan documents for banks and financial institutions, which means compiling financing guarantee documents for the financing side with regard to cash borrowing, project financing, joint venture financing, construction facility mortgage, foreign exchange loan, and consumer goods credit loan. In addition, our large team of dispute settlement attorneys routinely handles disputes arising from certificates of deposit, loans, financial leasing, mortgage guarantees, non-performing assets disposal, etc. Our goal is to defend our clients’ business interests to the greatest possible extent. 

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