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Maritime Commerce

Maritime law is a heterogeneous practice area that includes public law, private law and international law. Therefore issues where different laws conflict with each other are frequent and there is great demand of comprehensive, multijurisdictional legal advice. Maritime law cases usually cover laws or rules that govern commerce, shipping, liability claims that arise on the world’s navigable waters. Lanpeng maritime law specialist represents clients in a wide variety of maritime cases, including contracts, seafarers’ rights, environmental matters, insurance disputes, liability issues and arbitration. Through our experienced maritime practice groups operating in numerous offices of the Lanpeng network in China and internationally we provide legal support concerning towage, liens, maritime injuries, enforced sale of vessels, registration of vessels, and mortgage on vessels as well. We provide complex legal representation to ports covering all legal matters that arise in the course of their professional routine. Lanpeng maintains a worldwide monitoring practice and ensures access to the latest legislation and regulatory matters to its clients.

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