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 Corporate Governance and Insolvency Liquidation

We are able to design corporate governance structure based on client’s specific needs. As a service provider experienced in inter-shareholders rights and obligations arrangement, rules of the procedure of the board, management authority control, employee incentive plan, non-competition, environmental protection, anti-commercial bribery, government procurement, IPR, international trade, protection of personal privacy and trade secret activities, we have successfully provided comprehensive corporate governance services to transnational companies, central and other state-owned companies, public companies, private enterprises, family businesses and governmental agencies, helped them improve efficiency and internal decision-making procedure, and established a reputation as a leading counsel in the industry. 
Our lawyers use their vast practical experience in bankruptcy reorganization, restructuring and liquidation to bring our clients business and financial proposals and risk management skills related to bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, compulsory liquidation and voluntary liquidation and help companies in financial distress respond to challenges in a timely and effective manner.
Based on outstanding stability and practical work experience, we act competently and in good faith on behalf of debtors, financial institutions, secured or unsecured creditors, insurance companies, bold holders, leasers, investors, directors, creditors, shareholder committees and other domestic and foreign clients in reorganization, out-of-court restructuring, bankruptcy plan, consultation, settlement, bankruptcy liquidation and litigation, and provide comprehensive services in respect of accounting, securities, tax, labor service, foreign investment, financing, real property, anti-monopoly, litigation, trade, IP, asset transfer and dispute resolution by teaming up with internal teams and strategic partners.

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